As my high school career was ending and Harvard was ever approaching, I wanted to take this last bit of childhood and do something – anything. I’d heard of gap years, but I had already fallen too much in love with my university class to want to leave them. Instead, I got caught up in a Facebook ad (damn these Facebook ads, they are so well targeted) and found Intern Latin America, now known as The Intern Group. They would provide Spanish language courses, travel around Medellin, Colombia, an intern opportunity with the Fifa U20 World Cup, and a great community. I will say they did not disappoint and continue to not disappoint. I stole a Spanish textbook from school and studied it myself for three weeks before getting on a plane there. It was my first semi-solo trip and it deepened the travel bug that my mother had been cultivating all these years. The language bug had already been there, and now it was strengthened even more than ever. I fell in love with meeting new people, seeing new places, communicating in Spanish and finding out more about the English language through that. I am grateful for the chance my parents took on me and the directors and how it has shaped me since.

I am starting this blog 6 years later as I sit in a hostel in Colombia, back to the country of my solo travel birth. While I have been fortunate to have had many travels since then, Colombia always holds a special place in my heart.

I have been saying I want to write a blog forever, so here it is. At last, a blog of my own. This likely won’t be a blog only on travel. Hopefully, it will also touch on food policy, agriculture, land rights, indigenous communities and rights, water, self-awareness, and humanity, with a few throwback travel posts thrown in.