Update: Medellín

Just an update. Not really meant to be an overview of Medellín by any means.

I am currently in Envigado, Colombia right outside of Medellín. I’ll be here till the end of May working at a Spanish language school called Colombia Immersion, a really cool program that is working to provide a Spanish language learning experience that extends beyond the classroom. I reside with some of the other volunteers here who each focus on a variety of different subjects: accounting, community management, and marketing (my department).

New students arrive each week with various levels of Spanish and take intensive, private, and coaching lessons to improve their Spanish. Outside of that, the schools organizes optional evening and weekend activities such as Tejo (a Colombian sport similar to cornhole but with explosives), salsa, yoga, and tours around different neighborhoods. Students can opt to stay with a homestay family or find their own accommodations.

I’ve loved the atmosphere at the school. Everything is bright and there are hammocks and colorful couches and an amazing balcony that we host Friday language exchanges on. It’s been such a joy to live and work here. I love meeting the new students, hanging out at different events, learning from the other volunteers, and even travelling with the people I’ve met. The community feel makes each day enjoyable.

It’s a big change from my time in Bogotá, where I mainly hung out with Janelle (truly queen), moved around often, and felt a little dreary. I did get more writing done then than I have recently and my days here are a lot busier. It has its pros and cons, but overall I am happy for the change of pace. And Medellín has a much better climate than Bogotá. And the nightlife is pretty solid here. There are so many salsa bars! And even some places that play a decent amount of bachata. I’ve even gotten in like one decent kizomba dance.

Although, I’ve mainly been hanging out in Envigado. I haven’t really explored too much of Medellín or done more of the touristy things. Normally, I would be upset, but I think I’m okay with that. I’ll hit up some museums and make sure I take some time to explore some other neighborhoods, including Comuna 13 at some point.

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