CRUSHing it?

It is almost August and well overdue for a mid-year reflection. The past few months themselves have been full of turmoil, transition, and change, so in essence, this is a reflection on that period as well. I started out the year with five guiding words that I wanted to shape the year. Curiosity. Relationships. Understanding.… Continue reading CRUSHing it?

Adding My Hat Into the Ring of Why The Office is the Best Show Ever

It took three tries for me to fall in love with The Office. I came across it when it first came out on NBC. The aesthetics were too dry for me. I watched it again post-college after a coworker kept drawing parallels between our dysfunctional workplace and this godforsaken show that everyone kept quoting. That's… Continue reading Adding My Hat Into the Ring of Why The Office is the Best Show Ever


It wouldn't be a Truly Tiffany blog if I didn't talk about consistency, which is one of my greatest flaws. Particularly with writing, which was one of my reasons for starting a blog, but as you can see hasn't helped. I get anxious around writing because I always want it to be.....not perfect, but acceptable… Continue reading Consistency