For my mother

First and really only poem I’ve performed, written for my mother and all parents during Junior Parents weekend March 2014

March 2014 – Cambridge, MA 


From the moment you met me,

You loved me more than you could bear

Despite all the pain you had been in

All your body’s wear and tear,

From the moment I walked,

You cheered and pushed me on,

And since then my steps have gotten longer

And stronger and now I’m gone

And now that I’m at college, there is something that I miss,

That each night you sent me to bed with a kiss

But I still call you up to tell you about my day

With the trial and tribulations, wishing like before you could make it all go away

But I know that you’ve taught me well

From experience and love,

And remembering that keeps my mind on my goals above.

Above all the madness

Your words cheer me on,

Reminding me of all, the love that you’ve shone,

And the wisdom you’ve given,

And the support that you’ve been,

With you by my side,

I know I’ll always win.

So this is for you,

Every step that I take,

Knowing I wouldn’t be here at all,

Without all the sacrifices you make.

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