Throwback travel post: Intro to Israel

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This post comes from a trip to Israel during my college junior break. I had applied to this trip while abroad in France and was strongly critiqued by a close French friend who supported the boycott and Palestinian liberation. His perspective helped me as I started to prepare this trip, as well as my Intro to Israel course at Sciences Po Bordeaux.  It was, and still is to some extent, quite hard to come to any sort of conclusion on my thoughts. In the end, I believe a people should be sovereign, I believe they have the right to their own land, and I also believe that multiple cultures can and do exist on the same land. The Palestinian people should not be subjected to any fewer rights or opportunities based on their ethnicity and their desire to return to the land of their forefathers. What does that look like in practice? Who gets what? Is harmony possible? I don’t know. There’s so much I will never know in this situation. But I believe it starts with listening and building relationships amongst different groups. Super proud to know some Israelis who are doing great work in this space.

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