A Pen-Filled Release

Most importantly, Colombia has given me the space to write. I have wanted to write on a more extensive scale for years, but never had the courage or made the time to do so. I held myself back through fear and excuses. When I was younger, I wrote all the time. Journals and stories lined my bookshelf, and I was never one to leave a new journal empty. But over time, empty journals started to pile up. In college, a rough freshman year jolted my confidence in writing and it took longer than I’d like to admit to get it back. I still don’t consider myself a good writer, or even a writer in general, but I have my moments.

Some of these posts are raw thoughts, unedited drafts. It’s interesting to see the natural pattern some of these drafts take.

These are just some of the reasons I write

  1. Writing to remember
    1. I use a lot of this space to review old travel writing I have stuck in all corners of the globe, or rehash events in the past.
  2. Writing to discover
    1. The idea of a blank page does not scare me anymore. I start with the thoughts in my head as jumbled as they are, and writing allows me to piece them together like a puzzle to come to a conclusion I hadn’t considered before.
  3. Writing to teach
    1. When I move into food writing, this will be where this kicks in hopefully. There are a lot of issues I find important that are often squeezed into narrow spaces, and I would love to see them shared with a wider audience.
  4. Writing to release
    1. Often I just have a lot of energy and need to ramble and like the feel of the keys pressing beneath my keyboard. II can be in a space and see the story start to form around my head given the setting, and I just need to go for it!
  5. Writing to understand
    1. In theory, this should be different than writing to discover. In writing to understand, I am hoping to expound on a current thought or position I have, yet often end up finding myself with new or even contradictory thoughts at times.

It’s a journey of self-love and discovery and I think it will be an awesome ride.


*update* No longer in Colombia, but deeply appreciating the jumpstart I had in getting back to writing.


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