Dancing Through Life

“Dance is more than an art form; it is life itself.”
Marty Rubin

Part of what draws me to dance is how it has always been empowering for me. It has always been a chance to reclaim myself, my body in the midst of chaos, anger, and pain. In daycare, one of my “close” friends was a dancer…..and a bully. One afternoon, we would be choreographing routines to Christina Aguilera, the next she would push or hit me or call me fat. Yet, I was still fascinated by her pointe shoes and  the muscle definition in her legs and how high she would leap. Her dance school was right next door and though I knew how easy it would be for me to join class, I never mentioned it to my mom. I couldn’t imagine my mom paying even more for me to go to another activity where I might be tormented again. So for years, I sat quietly and watched her tie up her ballet shoes as she went off to practice.


It wouldn’t be until a few years later that I would try ballet for myself, joining the game late, but eager. I even managed to get en pointe before graduating out of the local dance school down the street.

From there it never stopped.

I tried salsa, bachata, and finally stumbled upon my true loves – kizomba and zouk. I loved the emphasis on musicality and the flowing and hip movement of the dances. The community was passionate and widely global, yet connected.

It has kept me sane, connected, present, and in community despite the crazy, incredible hectic-ness of the past few years.

It’s the first thing I look for when I touch down in a new city and my perfect send-off for every goodbye.

I’m forever thankful and humbled for all the amazing dances and dancers I’ve had the honor of meeting and dancing with.

I know we’ll all meet on the dance floor again.

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