Another Year, Another Attempt

*recently updated

The ball drops, the countdown ends, and we flip the calendar to a new year. We clean up after festivities, kiss our loved ones, and struggle to send texts through the overpacked phone lines.

For some, New Years comes with new resolutions, commitments to be better, do better, crossing off everything under the sun in hopes of creating new traditions and habits. Many have put aside the resolutions, citing that it creates too much pressure and sets one up for failure, but I think they are exciting. There’s so much potential and hope!

This year, however, I’ve chosen a different route. There are four key words and themes that I want to embody this year. I think these will help me accomplish any resolutions I would have set.


2020 was a hot mess of a year. For so many reasons. I was overworked and stretched thin across so many things. I never felt like I had time to engage with people and I missed all of the activities I used to do. Most of all, I missed the time and freedom to be curious. Curious about myself – the things I like, what makes me tick, what makes me smile, why I cry, what brings me stress, what brings me peace, what I think about the world. Curious about others – how do they see the world, what are their challenges, how do they want to shape the future, what are they reading. Curious about the world – spending more time to delve into what is moving and shaping the world, getting a deeper understanding of things that interest me.


The world is driven by people and relationships. 2020 showed that to be true. Zoom calls ruled the world and when all else was stripped away, we (mostly) turned to those in our circles near and far to spend our time. They shared their knowledge, their networks, their ideas, their love to help us fill in the voids. In 2021, I want to revitalize relationships that have brought me joy and seeking out new ones that will teach me new things. There’s plenty to learn from the internet, but learning from others’ and their experiences has the potential to be even more fruitful. In building relationships, not only do I learn more about people, but I learn more about myself, and then there is more to share with others. Leaning into curiosity will help build these more genuinely.


None of these will come to fruition without a true understanding. Learning to understand other people, other points of view. Hearing people as they speak and seeking to get to a true understanding of what’s been said, what’s out there, and what’s needed. I look forward to better understanding and engaging in the world around me.


The people I most admire in this world are connectors. I’m nowhere near as extroverted as they normally are, but they are fascinating to watch and learn from. When I look back on my life, there is so much I’ve learned and experienced, and my somewhat biggest regret is not capturing, packaging, and sharing more of it. It’s also the easiest way to remember something! But this sharing isn’t just want I’ve learned and want to share, but I want to share what others have learned, what they’re working on, who they are. There is so much greatness in this world that people are doing and know and I just want to help others learn from each other. Nobody wins when the gates are closed. Building relationships based off of curiosity will help me learn more about what people want, what they’re about, and what they’re working on and help connect people to each other.


There were plenty of times this past year when I let my pride get the best of me. I let it talk me out of opportunities, and I let it fill my schedule by not allowing me to say no. Humility looks like acknowledging my limits and making space and time to learn from others. It’s also a valiant attempt at letting go of perfectionism. I’ve held on to perfectionism for quite a while, and it has caused me way too much anxiety over the years. It’s also held me back from taking chances and leaning into things I want – which is also why I’m publishing this without editing. Nobody’s perfect, but you have to start somewhere right?

These aren’t quite new things, but themes I want to lean into more heavily this year. Anyways, here’s to 2021! Leaning into more of the same with more intention and more hope.

Just realized this all spells CRUSH! Here’s to CRUSHing it this year ❤

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