It wouldn’t be a Truly Tiffany blog if I didn’t talk about consistency, which is one of my greatest flaws.

Particularly with writing, which was one of my reasons for starting a blog, but as you can see hasn’t helped. I get anxious around writing because I always want it to be…..not perfect, but acceptable which hardly ever happens. I have trouble “porpoising”, a word I’ve learned over the past few months. Coming in and out of tasks, like a dolphin. Instead I am more of a Dana Octopus Squid, the rarest deep see creature that uses blinding light to catch its prey.

When I get into writing, I get deep and sometimes never get through pieces or take the time to sit and flesh out all the feelings I have. That’s not changing today, but little by little, I am working on executing on all my ideas, on finding the time, on following up and holding myself accountable.

Writing and I have a very tumultuous history. While something I adore and would love to master, I find myself tripping over word choice and stuck in familiar word patterns. Or worse yet, locked in the purgatory of draft, outline, patchwork quilt zone – where I build out portions, but never the entire piece.

It’s helping that I’ve taken on some writing projects for work with a team to help me edit and refine. I’ve also found an app that lets me journal – Day One. I’ve appreciated the ease in being able to quickly capture all my random or more fleshed-out thoughts outside of random notes and scattered documents on my computer. Hopefully by more consistent writing, I’ll work on getting over this fear in regards to writing and it will be easier for me to crank out pieces.

Here’s to always hoping for the best.

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