On the Dance Floor

Her shoulders snapped forward on the downbeat and from my perspective it looked like the beat had ricocheted from within her body and now encompassed every corner of the room. She was the epicenter of each beat. It only flowed when her movement allowed it to. The drums leaped from her hips as they switched back and forth and the synthesizer emanated from the undulations her body created. She was the master of the music, its composer. Never mind that this song had an author and a band, it was she who brought this rhythm to life in real-time.

Musicality within the dance world is a thing of pure beauty, from where the true joy in dancing emanates. When you and your partner are both in sync with each other and the music, there is a magic that happens. The energy whirls around just your little partnership, yet it does us the grace of providing a visual for others to see. It gives a space for playfulness, the way your bodies pick out different parts of the music to highlight and showcase like a kid playing dress-up in their parents’ closet. And when the music is rich and unsuspecting even better. Each new dance, new partner brings mystery, excitement, connection, peace.

I reserve a special smile for certain partners on the dance floor. Playful leads who give me space to play with the music and break the boundaries of dance rules. Who can match my fly and my crazy. Those whose strong lead makes me feel safe and guided. Knowing where to go and what to do frees me up to find the details within the music and focus on technique.

But perhaps my favorite moments are those where I get lost in the connection. I close my eyes because I want nothing more than to give my full attention to the energy my partner gives me. They challenge me with their musicality, with the soft strength of their connection and how they use their whole body to lead and guide me with the music. Those whose dances I don’t have to work to find the connection, so I can purely enjoy it, each second of the dance. Finishing the night with that perfect partner, that perfect connection – heavenly.

As someone whose love language is touch, dance suits me perfectly. It never leaves me wanting. I love that each embrace, connection is made with intention. It means something – whether to move this way or that, up or down, stop or start. It is intentional and purposeful. It is not meant to harm. In that moment, I am wholly mindful of my body and in love with what it can do and in love with being in connection with someone else. It provides a space for touch to exist outside the realm of sex and for appreciation of the physical.

Dance is mindfulness. Better than any yoga or breathing exercise or observation activity. Dance is mindfulness of the space around you, of the energy you give off, of how you interpret the energy you receive, of the space you take up, and of others who occupy that space. It is connection to the ground, connection to sound, connection to breath and touch. It is the grounding that reminds us, we are here, we are present, and we are made to live, love, and express fully.

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