In her footsteps

I've always looked up to my mother. Not just because she is incredibly hard-working, ambitious, and driven, but partly because of her mystery.She doesn't talk too much about her past until pried or late, late during holiday get-togethers and the little glimpses I've gotten have always left me wanting more. Like Aziz Ansari, I want to know more about the story that has led her here and essentially me to where I am today. In trying to follow her footsteps, I have found my own - carved and supported by the footsteps of giants who have come before me.

The death of Joselito (Barranquilla pt. 2)

In the morning, we awoke and found Joselito dead. Cause of death: Too much fun during Carnival. Or at least that's how the story goes. The last day of Barranquilla Carnival is affectionately known as La muerte de Joselito - the death of Joselito. Tuesday, Fat Tuesday to be exact, is the last day of Carnival. And not just in Barranquilla - Panama, Trinidad, New Orleans (Mardi Gras) were all celebrating today, giving it their all in preparation for the somber that Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season would bring. In my heart, I believe it was the collective force of the diaspora celebrating all over the Americas that day that made me fall in love with Carnival at last.